AJT Custom Test Machines

We compromise on price, not on quality.

No matter where you are in the world, we offer a full production service for bespoke test machines. This includes consultancy, design work, manufacturing, project management, delivery, installation, commissioning and training complete with competency certification.

Each and every one of our machines are made to order. This ensures you get a machine that does specifically what you need it to do; meaning you’re not paying a premium for frills you don’t really need.

We ensure that we only have a limited number of machine projects live at any one time. This means we can remain as dedicated as possible to every client. Each project is assigned a unique bank account, so your funds are kept separate from the rest of the business activities.

Our designs are based around safety first, and include manual or automated protective guards, and minimum load on sample features with all stresses contained within the structure of the machine.

Each machine can be provided with data acquisition software, full PC control system, and be integrated with your existing data network. Alternatively we can produce basic, manually controlled machines for stricter budgets.

Horizontal Tensile

The horizontal tensile offers the facility for proof loading, destruction testing and long life cyclic testing, with modular beds made to any length.

Vertical Tensile

Vertical tensile machines for high volume sample testing, proof or break testing of chain links, shackles, connectors, hooks and much more.

Dynamic Block Tester

For testing manual chain hoists, Tirfors and pull lifts in a dynamic, tensile mode. These machines will carry out LOLER conforming tests.

Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile

Due to the open test area, the configuration of this horizontal tensile machine allows the testing of spreader beams and other wide items.

Tension and Compression Calibration Machine

This vertical rig incorporates a tensile clevis arrangement in the lower section, and compression plates above, making it perfect for cell calibration.

Impact and Drop Weight Testers

Impact and drop weight testers are designed to measure the resistance to failure of a sample to a suddenly applied force.

Vertical Compression

This versatile design can be adapted to test a number of sample types in compression and bend modes. Static loads and tension/compression can also be achieved. 

Cyclic Hose Bend Tester

This machine is capable of manipulating the sample by bending it in both directions for a set radius at a set speed for a set number of cycles.


Grip Attachments

Wire rope grips, chain grips, belt grips, all custom made with your required insert sizes.


Data Logging Software

Our bespoke data acquisition system Automatec LoadLog allows for live graph monitoring and the production of configurable test reports.


Control Software

Our Automatec Test system is a complete PC control and data acquisition system that is tailored to each machine. We also offer PLC control systems.


Upgrade Your Machine

Add data logging software, interlocked safety guarding, full safety systems, HPU and control upgrades, test fixtures and adaptors and more.


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