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AJT Equipment are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bespoke force test machines for materials and product testing. Ensure the safety and quality of your products – get in touch today to discuss your project.

If you have a testing application, we can build a machine to test it.

Founded in 1951, AJT Equipment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of custom force testing machines and associated equipment. Our extensive range of machinery is used to test materials as small as a single strand of wire, to giant 800mm diameter hoses. We also service, repair, upgrade and calibrate all types of testing and weighing devices to national and international standards, both at our factory in the Black Country and at customers’ facilities all over the world. Our own brand of Accuway Load Cells are also used by lifting professionals worldwide, and are renowned for their industry leading accuracy.


Since our inception, we have supplied test machines to customers in France, Angola, Malaysia, Equatorial Guinea, Bangladesh, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Belgium, USA, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Bahrain, Italy, UAE, Canada, Zambia, Singapore, Brunei, Russia, Sweden, Tanzania, Sumatra, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Qatar, Jordan, Hungary, Portugal, Trinidad, Germany, Nigeria, Romania, Australia, Ghana, Ireland, Holland, and throughout the UK.

Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.

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